Add theme suggestions for plugins for real

This article is about my thoughts on different scenarios regarding the moment when a WordPress theme adds plugins suggestions in a clear and useful way. I think the whole WordPress community raises a strong need for a visible and clear relationship between plugins and themes. I came across situations when a theme adds a style for a certain plugin, but … Continue reading Add theme suggestions for plugins for real

Don't forget to flush your … rewrite rules

Before we get into this subject you should know that this is gona be a tehnical article about pretty permalinks and their cache options in wordpress. You know what is wordpress right ? the cms, blog platform, website ? no ? nothing familiar ? if the answer is still “no” you are certainly in the wrong place.

The “Why?”!

As a wordpress developer I usually don’t give too much attention to the pretty permalinks, I just trust wordpress to do his job and build me some “pretty permalinks” as the option itself tells. This actually works well if you don’t have any crazy ideea about your own url rules or if you don’t follow some weird structure which you have in mind since your first grade.