About Me

coverHello world

My name is Andrei Lupu, and I am a web developer, programmer, researcher and now a blogger.

About me?

I could be described as a web enthusiast, WordPress fanboy, and a challenge seeker. I could also be confused with a system which passionately turns a good coffee and headset music into code/software.

This blog is born because when I’m developing something new, or I get into any issues in my work I always find useful information on the web on other blogs. I think it is the payback time now.

I’m good at keys and keyboards!

Currently, I am working @ThemeIsle as a Back-End Developer. But I like to think that I’m also improving myself in areas like Front-End, Code Quality Customer-Service or Team-Management. When I will find some others skills will brag about it around here.

Also, I’ve discovered that I love to participate a WordCamp so, at the next European meeting you will find me there.


Even if it doesn’t seem, so I like sports and travels, Football(Soccer) is a childhood passion for me, but I also love snowboarding and riding the mountains.

I won’t hide the part of me that loves eSports, I’m a big fan of League Of Legends, but I also like to play Diablo 3, Counter-Strike, Fifa, Dragon Age, Darksiders, Devilian … damn … I think I play too much.

Who likes to talk? … a lot!

I consider myself a friendly person, so whenever you have something to ask me there is no reason the hesitate, shoot me an email, a tweet or something.

I bet that a discussion won’t hurt!